3 July Journal

Hi there every one. I get off at lunch today. Not to return until Monday. Oh the dreaded Monday. It seems much cooler today. Not as muggy, and the was storms north of me last night. This morning they were to the east. Yesterday was a bummer of nothing getting done at work in a…

7 April Journal

Its monday again, what a wonderful day for a new beginning. The sun is shining and the cardinals were out early making lots of noise after yesterdays rain. Lastnight before bed i started my yoga again. Which at this point helped some sleeping. I have let my mind wonder off from subservient desires and needs….


I sure wish i could do this. I am sure it will never happen. I wonder what sex in this position would be like?

Nude fun in yoga

Fun yoga cartoon, I dont intend to poke fun. Yoga has its wonderful spiritual and physical feel good effects. But to do it nude is liberating fun and sexy. This cartoon just had me laughing as i never thought of a rear end view like this.

Nude Yoga

Seems nice to have friend to share a pose with.