10 July Journal.

Its Thursday, thumping Thursday, heavy flogging is on order. The thump of the impact is soothing and relaxing. Orgasm will be inevitable. Such wondrous fun. For what it’s worth and not much, I looked at my stats. I found that I had 200 plus views one day. Since then it has been dribbling down. Not…

Chatity devices

I have this one Not sure if there is a better one but here is a couple that caught my eye.

Male slave as a Statue of art

I like how his ankles are bound to his balls. His wrists are to his thighs, large hoop rings in his nipples. So yummy that i want to do this my self.

Wowza do you think i can

I wonder if i can take that pegging. She seems eager and ready to show any male his rightful place.

24 June Journal

It’s Tuesday, feels like Wednesday. Waking up and feeling very horny. Desire a great pegging sexual adventure. Really wishing for puppy play pegging but beggars can’t be choosy. So yesterday I received up to over 140 views in one day. Is shocked to find that this morning. More sparkles and glitter was found as well….

23 June Journal

Six am Monday morning. Massive storms are headed my way and according to radar, my neighbor Cinnamon is already being hit by the storms. They are calling for sixty mpg wind. I have to go to work in it. I hope those affected are not hurt or get any damage. Be careful cinnamon. Two PM…

Forced to Masturbate IV

I returned with the tea. Prepared and served as desired by Mistress and per her orders of preparation. After serving each Mistress with the tea. I sat back on my haunches in the area designated by the special rug. That rug is small yet somewhat comfortable. The guest Mistress uncrossed her legs, the leather was…

Happy Cock says

Another installment from happy Cock about his life and likes. kinks & loves from abezure

20 June journal

Good morning kinksters, littles and the like. It’s Friday, another week almost complete. As I checked through posts I see some fellow kinky People are going to meet. I was thinking of the same thing my self. I am sure some cheering up and a shoulder to lean on is in order. I am glad…