8 July Journal

No new word on what time I leave for Memphis, all we know is it’s the thirteenth. Bunch of last minute hey up and wait yahoos. Oh well. It’s Tuesday I am still worn out. I don’t think o am going to get ahead enough to make me not be behind when I get back….

No no no

No you can’t do that. Sissy’s cannot play with their own Cock. kinks & loves from abezure

If i had of seen this

Growing up this was a movie everyone talked about. I didnt and dont care for horror flicks so i never saw it. Until a few years ago i still didnt understand the rage of going to a midnight showing of the film. Now after seeing it a few years ago at home, i think it…

Special sissy panties

Special made for the sissy in chastity. You know how hard it is to hide your junk when you gotta chastity device down there.

Once upon a time, well, a fantasy any way.

Blind folded Ken was taken to the dungeon. Dressed like a slut, pink mini skirt, matching top brazier, very revealing. His cock was locked into chastity. A penis piercing with a lock prevented his removing the chastity in any form. A wall full of Mistresses and guys ready to pound the ass of this new…

Do you remember

So you remember this style of athletic wear? I do, it was so sexy I thought. kinks & loves from abezure

Isn’t the teacher cute

Taken from leave it to beaver. She is hot I dreamed of her growing up. kinks & loves from abezure

Sexy in the woody

Seedy man nude in the woods. He’s got a woody of his own to. Yum yum. kinks & loves from abezure