Forced to Masturbate IV

I returned with the tea. Prepared and served as desired by Mistress and per her orders of preparation. After serving each Mistress with the tea. I sat back on my haunches in the area designated by the special rug. That rug is small yet somewhat comfortable. The guest Mistress uncrossed her legs, the leather was…

Where he belongs.

Who needs to use a Cock? Especially when you got him on his knees, and dressed like he should be. Make sure he does his job right! kinks & loves from abezure

Forced ejaculation

It looks like he has one hell of a mess to clean up. Orally I am sure would be the preferred method. kinks & loves from abezure

Today’s Sex

Maybe just maybe this will be the result of chastity. Only stimulated and sexed from the “taboo” anal sex. No longer allowed penile stimulation. kinks & loves from abezure

The pain and drain

The anticipation of pain, Filters through my brain. The arousal in my groin, A happy place I am going. My pleasure my pain, It is all yours to gain. My secrets my walls, All there for you to fall. I am your slave, To punish if I misbehave. To credit when I do good, That’s…

Happy Cock says

So i like mountain dew, i to to be mountain dewed, i like to mountain dew too. When i mountain dew i tickle your innards, if i get mountain dewed my innards are tickled. Yahoo for moutntain dew weeeee! 🙂

31 May Journal

Today, lifeless yard work. Well i say that. The yard work wasnt lifeless. I tryed to re work my collar and it didnt work correctly so i put it back the way it was. Mistress played softball all day. I sure wish she could get paid for it. She would make some money, and do…

Mistress has

Mistress has a new alter ego, Happy Puddy. See here its the grandest since sliced bread! 🙂

Happy Cock wants

I want some undies like this. Would not mind them delivered with the package either. He would get a wonderful tip. 🙂