Chatity devices

I have this one Not sure if there is a better one but here is a couple that caught my eye.

1 July Journal

Its actually 830 pm monday. Some balance of our life has been restored. The boarders have moved their stuff out. Hoorah! I dont think mistress is extremely happy about it. But in a day or two the harmony and peace of the house will return. Which is good. A petition to Mistress will come to…

Forced to Masturbate IV

I returned with the tea. Prepared and served as desired by Mistress and per her orders of preparation. After serving each Mistress with the tea. I sat back on my haunches in the area designated by the special rug. That rug is small yet somewhat comfortable. The guest Mistress uncrossed her legs, the leather was…

Do you remember

So you remember this style of athletic wear? I do, it was so sexy I thought. kinks & loves from abezure

Where he belongs.

Who needs to use a Cock? Especially when you got him on his knees, and dressed like he should be. Make sure he does his job right! kinks & loves from abezure


She has control, not of one but two slaves. Ain’t she grand. kinks & loves from abezure

Forced ejaculation

It looks like he has one hell of a mess to clean up. Orally I am sure would be the preferred method. kinks & loves from abezure

Forced to Masturbate II

The kennel was locked, I was nude except my shirt. My arousal still peaked as the new form of domination was happening. Mistress returned and emptied the contents of a black sack onto the bed. From my point of view they were still unknown. Mistress unlocked the kennel and allowed me out enough to place…

7 June Journal

Spent today working on an antenna for my dad. Building and cutting parts. It’s ready to be assembled. A long hour day in my shop. Mistress is out painting in the sun. Hopefully she will get paid for her work. Then she is going to finish another job she started earlier on the week. Hopefully…

Mistress Leather

The look of leather, Encased her curves. Showing a form, Beautiful and erotic. The smell of leather, Mixed with hers. Creating a trance, I could not escape. A spell she cast, Into my empty soul so vast. Eyes of brown, Hair of gold. It all matched, The look and smell of leather. The hand so…