Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s that read this. I hope it will be very special for you. Now, if you’re a dominate female mother well, you should be having mother’s day every day. So how does your sub/slave make it even more special? Besides the obvious cooking, cleaning and pre-agreed contractural domestic duties….


To all those who responded to my journal of today. Thank you verrrrrry muuuuch. Its amazing how we can get attached to someone or an animal so much. Our dog had lived almost as long as she was supposed to by the supposed norms of such. Yes we will miss her, and as with all…

1 May Journal

Well there isn’t much I have to say today. My funk got worse with a text from Mistress. The day started like any other. The text came about 10:15 this morning. Mistress took our dog to the vet to see why she wasn’t eating, drinking too much water and urinating almost un controllably. She had…

Sundays weekly Journal

Wellllll so much for storms, they all went east before they developed and that was at 9 am today. We got a couple sprinkles. Been lazy and watching tv this morning. Gotta go work a couple projects again but not for long. I want to rest some today. Its been a long week. Boy this…

The night beckons

Another whipping, sadistic night for the masochist who desires the pain so much. Alucard enters the dungeon and begins his laugh of evil. Ripping off the clothing of tbe masochist and tieing the ropes to the wrists. Center of the room the wrists are raised, and suspension made. Ankles tied spead out wide. Hands glide…

Foot Worship

There are lots of women and men that enjoy their feet to be worshiped. I just can’t do it like they want. It is degrading and humiliating and for that I do it. Unless forced or in bed during sex its just not a turn on to willingly bow down and lick and worship feet.

Sundays weekly Journal

Its Sunday, we have had a long weekend starting friday night. We went to our local dungeon and saw, well i say that, the others saw, i participated in a rough body play demo. I was the recipient of the female dominants demonstration. It was something that i was unsure of how to react. Do…

17 April Journal

Its early thursday once again. I was browsing through profiles on CM again. I came across a female we had been talking to in the past. Seems she has one; been to tired for any thing. Two; has some how gotten a change of attitude. That attitude is a hate for people in our area….

Gay Love

There isnt enough main stream sensual gay male loving. I only ask why? I know men have feelings too. They have desires of more than just pounding, wham bam thamks you ma’am. Its hard to find;