Nudity at the resort

The sun kisses and the wraps our bodies. The freedom of clothless swimming and fun in the outdoors. The minor sunburns we have are a reminder of our fun. Our outing was great and lovely. We are definately out of shape and are sore this morning. The volleyball was the best, not winning a game…

Nude cartoons

Thought some humor would be in order today, kinky nude that is. Well maybe not kinky, just your point of view. Something for another blogger, to bad clothing had to be worn

1 July Journal

Its actually 830 pm monday. Some balance of our life has been restored. The boarders have moved their stuff out. Hoorah! I dont think mistress is extremely happy about it. But in a day or two the harmony and peace of the house will return. Which is good. A petition to Mistress will come to…

High five we did it!!

Poor fellow, femimized and chastized. Oh wait, i want that, now i am jealous 😦


Some thoughts on my upcoming trip. I hate airplanes, being invaded and then not having a way to get around. But let’s back up to the airport. They have or had xray scanners to see if you are carrying stuff you shouldn’t. Supposedly it left little to the imagination. And I feel it’s an invasion…

Double BDSM

Outdoors bondage, two lovely nymphs bound and ready. kinks & loves from abezure

Scared in the Woods

Mistress must have forced him to get naked. It may be cold too. kinks & loves from abezure

Sexy in the woody

Seedy man nude in the woods. He’s got a woody of his own to. Yum yum. kinks & loves from abezure

Skinny in the Woods

I think she’s cute. Showing her wonderful sweetness. kinks & loves from abezure

1 June Journal

I watched most of my sunday morning shows. Nothing in our lifestyle dynamic happened yesterday like i thought would. We were tired. Kids came home, so nothing. I am amazed at the overwhelming responses to my littles question. Thanks to all that reposted and helped it along. So many thanks.  I was knformed today that…

Happy Cock says;

And now a word from our sponsor, I think i could make your cock happy too…. Good night kinksters weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!   🙂   🙂