Caged man

I like this caging idea. It needs wheels so I can be dragged around easily to orally service any dominant that is in need of such. kinks & loves from abezure

Nudity at the resort

The sun kisses and the wraps our bodies. The freedom of clothless swimming and fun in the outdoors. The minor sunburns we have are a reminder of our fun. Our outing was great and lovely. We are definately out of shape and are sore this morning. The volleyball was the best, not winning a game…

Nude cartoons

Thought some humor would be in order today, kinky nude that is. Well maybe not kinky, just your point of view. Something for another blogger, to bad clothing had to be worn

1 July Journal

Its actually 830 pm monday. Some balance of our life has been restored. The boarders have moved their stuff out. Hoorah! I dont think mistress is extremely happy about it. But in a day or two the harmony and peace of the house will return. Which is good. A petition to Mistress will come to…

Male slave as a Statue of art

I like how his ankles are bound to his balls. His wrists are to his thighs, large hoop rings in his nipples. So yummy that i want to do this my self.

Once upon a time, well, a fantasy any way.

Blind folded Ken was taken to the dungeon. Dressed like a slut, pink mini skirt, matching top brazier, very revealing. His cock was locked into chastity. A penis piercing with a lock prevented his removing the chastity in any form. A wall full of Mistresses and guys ready to pound the ass of this new…

Chastised and………

Another male at the feet of his Mistress. Chastity is on his cock collar on his neck. As it should be per any Mistress.

High five we did it!!

Poor fellow, femimized and chastized. Oh wait, i want that, now i am jealous 😦

Better not move

He might get his balls ripped off if he does. Don’t think his Cock is going to work after this. kinks & loves from abezure