In my knees bowing before your magnificent dominance, I beg, beg for release of sexual tension. You give me the sex but in your own way. Bedding me over you inspect my areas. Then after several swats, penetrate the rose bud of my rear. Denying gratification to my penis. Using the anal stimulator you milk…

The pain and drain

The anticipation of pain, Filters through my brain. The arousal in my groin, A happy place I am going. My pleasure my pain, It is all yours to gain. My secrets my walls, All there for you to fall. I am your slave, To punish if I misbehave. To credit when I do good, That’s…


“Thank you Mistress, may i have another Mistress?” Was the cries from the slave male. Another pop of the whip breaking the sound barrier. The squirming was most enjoyable for Mistress to see. Her prey suspended, helpless, unable to move. The leather snake left its marks, bloody and whelped. She began to laugh and talked…

The Forcing

Upon returning home from work, Joe is greeted by Lucy, his owner and Mistress. Joe being her slave, property and of all things a male. A lowly sperm bank, only good for fertilization and humiliation, spanking and flogging. Also good for releasing tension pent up from stress and sexual needs. Lucy barked out to strip….


A mental orgasm ? Maybe, how long did it take to learn? Wonderful pic.

Brush your teeth ;-)

Here is a torture, wonding if it is a soft or hard brissle brush. Where is the tooth paste?  B-)

Need Marriage Counseling?

Welcome to the marriage counseling of the BDSM world. Use the force, whips, chains, paddles, hand cuffs, scare them into your bidding by Darth Vaders marriage couseling classes

18 April Journal

Good morning americans, its friday. Yes it is, foggy and damp this morning. We are going to the dungeon tonight. Sounding like fun and it is turning me on rather fiercely. Another rant; i like dominant females and males and it is a big turn off to this; A seemingly sexy female with her middle…

10 April Journal

Ok so i went off and re-explored our old swing profile in sls. It seems that the ones that say they are wild, well, have no clue of “wild”. They should go to a munch with us sometime. I bet the “freak” they claim to be will be completely shocked to the point of fainting….

8 April Journal

Well another day is half over. Why is it that all I care for is getting off work. So for another reason to discuss something. I have really been curious about being mentally fucked. Meaning i would like to be denied penis stimulation and made to orgasm, ejaculatory or not, by the mental stimulation of…