14 February journal

Good evening folks, it’s Sunday. Cool and damp, oh yeah it’s valentine’s day. How about that love for all today. Even if it’s for the day. Anyway we had breakfast with friends, then a bit of shopping. See we have a sweet hearts ball next Saturday. I’ve been allowed to wear a gown. But before…

Cute excitement

So we picked up a wedding set for me today. It’s cute I love it. Yeah they were only like 10 bucks. But for now they will do just fine in my eyes. Ttfn Kisses Hugs & Love Kandi

31 January journal

Good morning folks it’s Sunday. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing like it does back in Texas. It’s going to be another unseasonably warm day in the seventies. Wow it’s January supposed to be cold until at least mid march. Yesterday Mistress took me to get my hair trimmed. And a bit…

Read all about it

Yes I am boasting and tooting my horn, I finally got my old record of daily views of 123 broken. I am now at 132 or something like that. Thanks people. The above pic is for fun. Yet true. 🙂 have a great night. In the words of Fonzie “hey…” kinks & loves from abezure

For Mistress

We are freinds i hope it stays that way, welps and all. He he ha ah

Things for a movie to be great

Aside from the plot, here are some things to look for. 1. Your significant other, 2. Horses 3. Cowboys and girls 4. Wagons, 5. Fat back, beans, hard tack, coffee 6. Empty spaces 7. More horses 8. Six shooters 9. Dusty sreets 10. Wooden sidewalks.

Mistress Leather

The look of leather, Encased her curves. Showing a form, Beautiful and erotic. The smell of leather, Mixed with hers. Creating a trance, I could not escape. A spell she cast, Into my empty soul so vast. Eyes of brown, Hair of gold. It all matched, The look and smell of leather. The hand so…

The pain and drain

The anticipation of pain, Filters through my brain. The arousal in my groin, A happy place I am going. My pleasure my pain, It is all yours to gain. My secrets my walls, All there for you to fall. I am your slave, To punish if I misbehave. To credit when I do good, That’s…

More randomness of ryhming words

Emotional strain, Pocket book drained. Emotional flair, On god my hair. I’m a pickin, She’s a grinnin. I’m a stressin, She’s a playin.

1 June Journal

I watched most of my sunday morning shows. Nothing in our lifestyle dynamic happened yesterday like i thought would. We were tired. Kids came home, so nothing. I am amazed at the overwhelming responses to my littles question. Thanks to all that reposted and helped it along. So many thanks.  I was knformed today that…

Unkown random words

Open your soul, Empty your mind. All you have is now mine. The clothes you wear, The collar you bear, Shows the world that you are mine. To me you gave it, To taunt and toy. I mold and expose, Humiliate and spank. The way it began, Was the power you put in my hand.

Yours Forever

On the floor nude I bow. At your feet is my place. Property I am now, Cuffed and collared in this space. 10 Years ago i made a vow To be yours until the days, That i can no longer.