20 July Journal

Good evening folks it almost Friday, YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!! I am so ready to have a weekend off. I am also craving some TACO BUENO. Unless someone with a cheaper mode of transportation and wants to pay my Bueno craving will just be unfed. That really sucks to not get what I need of my reminder of…

Forced to Masturbate IV

I returned with the tea. Prepared and served as desired by Mistress and per her orders of preparation. After serving each Mistress with the tea. I sat back on my haunches in the area designated by the special rug. That rug is small yet somewhat comfortable. The guest Mistress uncrossed her legs, the leather was…

Double BDSM

Outdoors bondage, two lovely nymphs bound and ready. kinks & loves from abezure

The pain and drain

The anticipation of pain, Filters through my brain. The arousal in my groin, A happy place I am going. My pleasure my pain, It is all yours to gain. My secrets my walls, All there for you to fall. I am your slave, To punish if I misbehave. To credit when I do good, That’s…

Happy Cock says

So i like mountain dew, i to to be mountain dewed, i like to mountain dew too. When i mountain dew i tickle your innards, if i get mountain dewed my innards are tickled. Yahoo for moutntain dew weeeee! 🙂

My take on a Little in the lifestyle

As you all know,, i asked what a little is. I have found so many simularities in the descriptions. It spawned many writings and posts from others about the subject. My reader is full of posts on littles, as well as my comments section. So my take is probably all wrong, no offense intended, and…

Mistress has

Mistress has a new alter ego, Happy Puddy. See here its the grandest since sliced bread! 🙂

Memorial Day

On memorial day we set aside this day for the remembrance of our nations fallen. Those that are in a public service and armed forces. Police, and firemen and our military. They give of themselves, sometimes the greatest sacrifice, so that we can be free men and women. Sadly one day is not enough I…


Don’t ask me why I am posting this. I just am. The people that hate the others in the GLBT community SRM to always find them. I don’t mean hate but more like purple passion, oh my god get away from me hate for them. I know some one who is like that. I only…

Happy cock says

Have great day on hump day. Be sure to get all your weekly humping in today. Try a public area, grocery restroom, any place just have your best orgasms ever because it is Get your kink on!!!!

Milk Cow Blues

This gives me the blues, I sure wish I was a bull. I wild service the milk cows. Would you?