Self Acceptance

This is the third rewrite of this post. It’s been drafted for three days. And as my attitude has once again changed. I find I need to be more positive. This past week the deep soul searching and meditation has proven to me, that I have to accept myself. No one can do that for…

25 January journal

Good morning folks, it’s Monday. Yuck, I hate Monday. But today I’m feeling mentally better. I’m not 100% sure why but, maybe it was Mistress blog from yesterday. Though I thought and felt I was being supported. I knew she wasn’t supporting 100%. I was feeling somewhat alone in my journey. Yet knowing I wasn’t….

Mixed up right now

I found out some info today. It’s really got me mixed up. I’m not sure to be mad or depressed or both. I’m not going into details, but it just got my goat. So to that and the info I found, FUCK OFF! Kisses Hugs & Love Kandia

Would you like to

Be able to read  minds? Would you enjoy it? My thoughts, maybe at first it would be cool. Knowing what others think about things. Unsuspectingly “hearing” the conversations in others heads with them selves. Yet when those thoughts of the other party comes your way and is something you didnt want to know or could…

Blogging for me

Towards the beginning of this year 2014, I made some decisions for me and my mental health. I decided blogging may be a key to this. I started a blog with intentions of venting frustrations and well it didn’t work for me. Occasionally I do go to it and vent and repost some emails I…

26 June Journal

Another day is dawning The sun and clouds mix Creating the red and pink sky. Good morning kinksters how is everyone? I am not really sure how I feel. Go figure. Not in much of a kinky mood this morning for some reason. Hopefully that will change. It seems to bring joys in my life…

Things for a movie to be great

Aside from the plot, here are some things to look for. 1. Your significant other, 2. Horses 3. Cowboys and girls 4. Wagons, 5. Fat back, beans, hard tack, coffee 6. Empty spaces 7. More horses 8. Six shooters 9. Dusty sreets 10. Wooden sidewalks.

28 May Journal

If I remember correctly it’s supposed to be a special day. Because it’s whacking Wednesday. No actually there is more, our completed contract is to be signed today. It’s our wedding anniversary and the new life begins again. The collar is already on and all that is left is to sign our papers of ownership….

Sunburn Anyone

Talk about a sunburn, this lady must really be hurting. Could stand to have lost the tan lines though.

Perfection and being perfect.

First this came about from “The Aging Sub” and the post on perfection. Along with my post 15 May Journal. Perfection is a road, it is not a destination. It is also in the eye of the beholder. Along with all things there is no such thing as perfect. Yet we are and it is…