Caged man

I like this caging idea. It needs wheels so I can be dragged around easily to orally service any dominant that is in need of such. kinks & loves from abezure

Cartoon Cuties

They just turn me on in this picture. kinks & loves from abezure

Feeding time

A black man feeding a white sissy his spunk. Bet it’s good!!! kinks & loves from abezure

About this thing,

How does this work as a chastity device? Looks fun to play with though

Chatity devices

I have this one Not sure if there is a better one but here is a couple that caught my eye.

I dont do this

Actually i see how much i can deep throat. It helps my skills 🙂

24 June Journal

It’s Tuesday, feels like Wednesday. Waking up and feeling very horny. Desire a great pegging sexual adventure. Really wishing for puppy play pegging but beggars can’t be choosy. So yesterday I received up to over 140 views in one day. Is shocked to find that this morning. More sparkles and glitter was found as well….

Happy Cock says

Another installment from happy Cock about his life and likes. kinks & loves from abezure

Scared in the Woods

Mistress must have forced him to get naked. It may be cold too. kinks & loves from abezure

Sexy in the woody

Seedy man nude in the woods. He’s got a woody of his own to. Yum yum. kinks & loves from abezure