Flexible Bondage

I really net to stretch out again so I can do this again. No it’s not me. How would you like to have sex with her right now?

My take on nudity

With exception of protective needs in our modern world of chemicals and other hazzards, why do we really need clothes? We were not born with them. The restrict movement, cause extra work in cleaning and folding them, and cause us all to be judged by what we have on. We dont get judged by who…

7 April Journal

Its monday again, what a wonderful day for a new beginning. The sun is shining and the cardinals were out early making lots of noise after yesterdays rain. Lastnight before bed i started my yoga again. Which at this point helped some sleeping. I have let my mind wonder off from subservient desires and needs….

6 April Journal

Wellll, i finally have a chance to sit down and write. I called back to work thursday night, had to drive a unit to a driver stuck out of town with a bunch of kids. Then got called again yesterday for a unit messed up in downtown dallas. Was working on my parrents car at…


I sure wish i could do this. I am sure it will never happen. I wonder what sex in this position would be like?