9 July Journal

So it’s Wednesday, I feel puny. It’s my own fault to. I ate too much last night. So it will pass eventually. I know better than that especially in the summer. Tomato sauce and me don’t get along. Usually if it’s eaten in excess. So what do you expect, right. So it’s whacking Wednesday. I…

If i had of seen this

Growing up this was a movie everyone talked about. I didnt and dont care for horror flicks so i never saw it. Until a few years ago i still didnt understand the rage of going to a midnight showing of the film. Now after seeing it a few years ago at home, i think it…

Special sissy panties

Special made for the sissy in chastity. You know how hard it is to hide your junk when you gotta chastity device down there.

Oooohhhh i want these

Love the caption here And love the leather look of these; Given the opportunity i would wear only these, well, unless i am naked at the nudist camp.

Some where there is a place………

If given the opportunity, Mistress would send me to a place, a place that would teach me to be hers and fem. At her feet and what ever she desires and needs would be the only reason i live.