And now, a word from happy Cock

On hands and knees bound. Along like a puppy, searching and accepting Cock, strap on, and anything else to please a dominate or several as needed. Isn’t fun to be slave, owned and humiliated kinks & loves from abezure

No no no

No you can’t do that. Sissy’s cannot play with their own Cock. kinks & loves from abezure

Question of today

Ok i have question, and need some help. This is for the females in the female led relationships. How do you balance the day to day routine of what decisions are made by who. Is your sub partner always submissive? Is there a point or decision that isnt enough for your soul descrestion? Or is…

28 June Journal

No exciting things to report. Spent allday working on stuff for my dad. Didnt even eat lunch. Finally  stopped and finished at 4pm after starting at 7am. Tired aand ready to do nothing. I am told we are going to have sexual or bdsm fun tonight, i just hope i am up to it. All…

Some where there is a place………

If given the opportunity, Mistress would send me to a place, a place that would teach me to be hers and fem. At her feet and what ever she desires and needs would be the only reason i live.

Chastised and………

Another male at the feet of his Mistress. Chastity is on his cock collar on his neck. As it should be per any Mistress.

Wowza do you think i can

I wonder if i can take that pegging. She seems eager and ready to show any male his rightful place.