Something about a latex clad ass. So sexy!!!!

Sundays weekly Journal

Wellllll so much for storms, they all went east before they developed and that was at 9 am today. We got a couple sprinkles. Been lazy and watching tv this morning. Gotta go work a couple projects again but not for long. I want to rest some today. Its been a long week. Boy this…

Foot Worship

There are lots of women and men that enjoy their feet to be worshiped. I just can’t do it like they want. It is degrading and humiliating and for that I do it. Unless forced or in bed during sex its just not a turn on to willingly bow down and lick and worship feet.

Brush your teeth ;-)

Here is a torture, wonding if it is a soft or hard brissle brush. Where is the tooth paste?  B-)

Hard Core

I guess my core would be hard too, if it were full of iron chain.

April 11 Scene

After dinner i was tied to the wall and flogged. I was having a hard time standing. Which was making Mistress happy. I finally had to call that portion of the scene. I was moved to the bed face down and flogged pretty hard. I was having some wonderful fun with the flogging. She crawled…

Piercing Fiasco part3

Its been several weeks, um, about 6 or 7 weeks. The piercing has not moved since the last post on that issue. It has since been healing nicely and aside from the scaring that has occured from the movment i am hapoy with it. I only wish it would completely heal so i can thoroughly…

Male Bondage

See if you like these men all bound up. Bound in more than one way, pierced, and electro sex. I will say i sure enjoyed that. I would love to be tied up like this and suspended. I am sure he is getting pegged, my favorite activity Beautiful ropework, nice ass. Inverted and bound. An…

10 April Journal

Ok so i went off and re-explored our old swing profile in sls. It seems that the ones that say they are wild, well, have no clue of “wild”. They should go to a munch with us sometime. I bet the “freak” they claim to be will be completely shocked to the point of fainting….


Anyone especial Ldy and an animal can reach Uus at abezure70 on gmail. More things to share and what not in private. Only so much can be said in blogs, but the personal touch through email is a great way to share. I hope to hear from a few folks. Not that we all click,…

Post Orgasmic Torture

So you tie your male slave up. Tease and masturebate him to orgasm. But then dont stop the stroking. Keep going and going and going……. he will for sure moan squirm, fight and what ever else he can think of. So be sure you have him bound really good. I have had this and it…

6 April Journal

Wellll, i finally have a chance to sit down and write. I called back to work thursday night, had to drive a unit to a driver stuck out of town with a bunch of kids. Then got called again yesterday for a unit messed up in downtown dallas. Was working on my parrents car at…