Caged man

I like this caging idea. It needs wheels so I can be dragged around easily to orally service any dominant that is in need of such. kinks & loves from abezure

Feeding time

A black man feeding a white sissy his spunk. Bet it’s good!!! kinks & loves from abezure

Question of today

Ok i have question, and need some help. This is for the females in the female led relationships. How do you balance the day to day routine of what decisions are made by who. Is your sub partner always submissive? Is there a point or decision that isnt enough for your soul descrestion? Or is…

Vintage BDSM

Bdsm in the old days. It took two men to subdue this sexy nympho submissive. kinks & loves from abezure

Question For Today

Mostly for the Dominants sub’s may answer as well. What kind of reacting or reaction do you expect from a sub during; Punishment Play Daily Rituals? Aside from bruising or temporary marks. Things like apologies, movements, noises. After effects?

Our Next Wedding

With the contract we recently reworked, this is how our renewal wedding will be. A brides maid will lead me the pet to the altar. 🙂

Mistress Leather

The look of leather, Encased her curves. Showing a form, Beautiful and erotic. The smell of leather, Mixed with hers. Creating a trance, I could not escape. A spell she cast, Into my empty soul so vast. Eyes of brown, Hair of gold. It all matched, The look and smell of leather. The hand so…

The pain and drain

The anticipation of pain, Filters through my brain. The arousal in my groin, A happy place I am going. My pleasure my pain, It is all yours to gain. My secrets my walls, All there for you to fall. I am your slave, To punish if I misbehave. To credit when I do good, That’s…

Torturous Pleasure

And the climax came, Ejaculation erupted. The stimulation never ceased. Continuing the stroking of the organ, the body could not take any more. Slave jumps and jerks, attempting to escape the binds that tie. The stimulation continues, Screaming is loud. Being begins as, The torture plays. The dominant laughs While the orgasm bathe continued through…

1 June Journal

I watched most of my sunday morning shows. Nothing in our lifestyle dynamic happened yesterday like i thought would. We were tired. Kids came home, so nothing. I am amazed at the overwhelming responses to my littles question. Thanks to all that reposted and helped it along. So many thanks.  I was knformed today that…