For Mistress

We are freinds i hope it stays that way, welps and all. He he ha ah

Our Next Wedding

With the contract we recently reworked, this is how our renewal wedding will be. A brides maid will lead me the pet to the altar. 🙂

1 June Journal

I watched most of my sunday morning shows. Nothing in our lifestyle dynamic happened yesterday like i thought would. We were tired. Kids came home, so nothing. I am amazed at the overwhelming responses to my littles question. Thanks to all that reposted and helped it along. So many thanks.  I was knformed today that…

31 May Journal

Today, lifeless yard work. Well i say that. The yard work wasnt lifeless. I tryed to re work my collar and it didnt work correctly so i put it back the way it was. Mistress played softball all day. I sure wish she could get paid for it. She would make some money, and do…

The collar

Your collar that I bear, Isn’t so hard to wear. The hidden secrets I hold, Shall be yours to mold.

28 May Journal

If I remember correctly it’s supposed to be a special day. Because it’s whacking Wednesday. No actually there is more, our completed contract is to be signed today. It’s our wedding anniversary and the new life begins again. The collar is already on and all that is left is to sign our papers of ownership….


“Thank you Mistress, may i have another Mistress?” Was the cries from the slave male. Another pop of the whip breaking the sound barrier. The squirming was most enjoyable for Mistress to see. Her prey suspended, helpless, unable to move. The leather snake left its marks, bloody and whelped. She began to laugh and talked…

The Collaring

Led in to the dungeon by the master of the facility, the slave was nude except for binding cuffs on the wrists and ankles. The Lady waited in her place as the new property was being brought before her. She was a petite woman. Who had learned what was expected and the protocols from the…

19 May Journal

I have awoke to the jitters again today. Our contract is coming along she is changing a couple things as in the expire date. The way it was written the contact expired last night at midnight. Still I have no clue why I have had the jitters. Stress of funds being extremely low, our the…

17 May Journal

Short post as i have been busy making my collar and the key. We been tslking to locals to have someplace to play openly other than the dungeon. Which is 30 miles away. We have plenty of prospects but nothing solid yet. We may have a play date tonight but we arent holding our breath….


The best outing for Femdom cook outs.