8 July Journal

No new word on what time I leave for Memphis, all we know is it’s the thirteenth. Bunch of last minute hey up and wait yahoos. Oh well. It’s Tuesday I am still worn out. I don’t think o am going to get ahead enough to make me not be behind when I get back….

Cartoon Cuties

They just turn me on in this picture. kinks & loves from abezure

I dont do this

Actually i see how much i can deep throat. It helps my skills 🙂

Checking her out

Mistress checking her bitch sure wish it was me. Humiliatied and sissified

24 June Journal

It’s Tuesday, feels like Wednesday. Waking up and feeling very horny. Desire a great pegging sexual adventure. Really wishing for puppy play pegging but beggars can’t be choosy. So yesterday I received up to over 140 views in one day. Is shocked to find that this morning. More sparkles and glitter was found as well….

Forced to Masturbate IV

I returned with the tea. Prepared and served as desired by Mistress and per her orders of preparation. After serving each Mistress with the tea. I sat back on my haunches in the area designated by the special rug. That rug is small yet somewhat comfortable. The guest Mistress uncrossed her legs, the leather was…

Happy Cock says

Another installment from happy Cock about his life and likes. kinks & loves from abezure

Happy Cock says

So i like mountain dew, i to to be mountain dewed, i like to mountain dew too. When i mountain dew i tickle your innards, if i get mountain dewed my innards are tickled. Yahoo for moutntain dew weeeee! 🙂

1 June Journal

I watched most of my sunday morning shows. Nothing in our lifestyle dynamic happened yesterday like i thought would. We were tired. Kids came home, so nothing. I am amazed at the overwhelming responses to my littles question. Thanks to all that reposted and helped it along. So many thanks.  I was knformed today that…