Cartoon Cuties

They just turn me on in this picture. kinks & loves from abezure

Once upon a time, well, a fantasy any way.

Blind folded Ken was taken to the dungeon. Dressed like a slut, pink mini skirt, matching top brazier, very revealing. His cock was locked into chastity. A penis piercing with a lock prevented his removing the chastity in any form. A wall full of Mistresses and guys ready to pound the ass of this new…

Wowza do you think i can

I wonder if i can take that pegging. She seems eager and ready to show any male his rightful place.

24 June Journal

It’s Tuesday, feels like Wednesday. Waking up and feeling very horny. Desire a great pegging sexual adventure. Really wishing for puppy play pegging but beggars can’t be choosy. So yesterday I received up to over 140 views in one day. Is shocked to find that this morning. More sparkles and glitter was found as well….


In my knees bowing before your magnificent dominance, I beg, beg for release of sexual tension. You give me the sex but in your own way. Bedding me over you inspect my areas. Then after several swats, penetrate the rose bud of my rear. Denying gratification to my penis. Using the anal stimulator you milk…

31 May Journal

Today, lifeless yard work. Well i say that. The yard work wasnt lifeless. I tryed to re work my collar and it didnt work correctly so i put it back the way it was. Mistress played softball all day. I sure wish she could get paid for it. She would make some money, and do…

Happy Cock says1

Do you think i could have this? Oh gosh they are big. Surely one would use me for their pleasure 🙂