Happy cock says

Have great day on hump day. Be sure to get all your weekly humping in today. Try a public area, grocery restroom, any place just have your best orgasms ever because it is Get your kink on!!!!

Desperate Need

Ok so this talk about getting sex firm you folks has me even more desirous of it. I need to hit the gay bar. I need some man pounding sex badly. To be left used and giving the guy the orgasm and blow job of his life. Not to mention a good piece of ass.

Double Whammy

Getting his humiliation master mouth fucks Mistress uses his ass

Oh boy!!

Such lovely boobs and body. Wonderful strap on. Of she banged me with that once a week I never would need to masturbate.

Mistress Orders Me

Please remember that this is only a story of fantasy and not an actual happening. (Though i wish it would) You need to be screwed by a man she says. Fucked hard like a slut. I will give you freedom to go do just that. Only you have to accept the punishment and bring back…

7 May Journal

They call it hump day. I never get humped our hump on Wednesday. So we call it whacky Wednesday. A day for ass whacking. Our what ever else happens to need whacking. Or the pleasure of the whacker. 🙂 Last night I went to bed quite horny. Had several dreams of sexual desires. Of only…

Hard Core

I guess my core would be hard too, if it were full of iron chain.