Hello, I am Candice. I am a transgender woman. Learning myself and moving forward. A two spirited soul. Maybe Just a single spirit in the wrong body, who knows. AS my new life comes to fruition, I close my previous one. A slow process if you must know. There are ups and downs, laughter and pain. This is the journal of all that and the road my loving wife and I travel in this journey. There Is much that will be left out. As that has been left in my previous blog. If you wish to go there I will give that info out at as I am asked. You will find lots of various info here some related and some not to being trans. It is my journal after all. lol
Thanks For stopping by.

Here’s me about 5.5 months on HRT.​

The road has been rocky, it’s been fun, and the only thing I wish now, having followed my heart and feelings sooner. Though i wouldn’t change a damn thing. 

You can contact me at candicejunelee on the g.

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  1. I couldn’t leave a reply on your fashion page but these shoes would be perfect for that outfit! And lots of other outfits too!!! $17 at payless!!


  2. Rachel says:

    On your page with pics of you. You’re looking very nice. Might I suggest looking into Aline skirts and dresses? The would help give you a more feminine shape.

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    1. candicejune says:

      I have posted a new picture that is about a week old. Maybe there is something there you see.


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