12 August journal

Hey folks it’s Saturday. Maybe if things go right i can call it sausage Saturday from now on. It appears that everyone i know is having sex but me. Even mr pilsbury doughboy had sex with a guy. Omfg what’s wrong with me? I guess I’m a fucking prude. It doesn’t help that i never leave the house for anything but work and groceries. Internet dating sucks, I’m not sure how much more of nothing but work i can deal with. I long for the good old days of high school. Where if things woulda been there way i should have been, i woulda learned what it is to be a female. With the only worries of good grades, highschool and sex. I just feel like an old maid, who’s got nothing to live for other than the fact of living.

Well I’ve not done anything today that i should. I just did some cleaning and ate. I’ve also noticed that there is a bill board in town that is bashing the cosmopolitan magazine. I can’t remember the last time i picked one up. Honestly, that bill board is probably boosting sales of the magazine. I’ve thought about getting one to read and hopefully learn. Learn to have a man and how to please one and what best of all….. How to attract one. To learn what my fantasy should be. It better yet, how to have one lololol. Maybe attract something other than a stuffed frog. Lmao who am i kidding lolol

Maybe just maybe, going into the world as me, going after what i want is what is needed. I mean i think about my life. Yeah it sucks who’s doesn’t? But getting away from the house being a carefree person is what i need. Sitting at home isn’t good for the soul, mind or spirit of anyone. I do know that just going out to the grocery is really a good pick me up. I have even started interacting with people more when i go out. Then finding the kindness of others and the fact of being more accepted than i thought is really comforting. Then i come home to an empty house which sucks. I’ve been learning somethings lately as well. However you look at it, the romance movies are better for the women’s psych than i ever thought. I am finding that they help us learn to accept ourselves for one. Then they help us learn what we are why we are and all that other stuff that just flew away from my head.

Anyways I’m gonna watch a1931 horror flick. Have a good evening everyone.


Love Candi

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