9 August journal

Good afternoon people it’s Wednesday. I sure wished i got paid by the hour again. 14 on Monday & 10 yesterday plus I’m going on 9 today. I’m heading home shortly. I was so down yesterday that I’m suprised i made to and from work and got dinner cooked. Then i showered and passed out on the bed at 530. I even had to think about what day today was.

Life has been just that, life. No love no companion no friends. Just really work, bills, food and sleep. I’m rather over it. I’ve seriously thinking about a new job. Less stress means less pay also, or does it? I am not really in a position to find a new job just yet. No one in memphis will pay by the hour what I get paid at this time. so I think anyways.

Anyhows, I am taking this weekend to stay home and do nothing. Is being solitude a good thing for mental health? Probably not from what I hear. I really could stand a regular companion and what not. Thats honest injun I am kinda tired of the loneliness. Also I am not that worried about having a life long partner at this time. Just need someone who will hang out with me on a regular basis. All Work and no play makes one cranky woman.

Its about 530 pm and I am close to being ready for bed. This week has been rather hellish. I havnt had much time to write and hope that writing this will let folks know I am not dead, dying or lost in the shuffle. Though the later is more what has happened that I am willing to admit.

Well folks I am off to the dream world of the happy hunting grounds for now. Maybe a cute Native american will bring me the best of buffalo hides to make a home with. HAve a great Evening.


Love Candi

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