6 August Journal

Good Sunday Morning Folks. Its been a busy week and weekend this far. NExt week does not appear to be going to allow for any easier time either. I have started so many posts this week that didnt get finished its not even funny. Who knows what i was talking about in those posts and it doesnt really ake much difference either.

Kids start school here tomorrow. So if you live in this area please look out for the school buses and zones. IT is not legal to drive past a loading or unloading school bus. THis is noted by the extended stop sign and flashing red lights on the bus. What if you ran that sign and hit a child? Your Child? Your neighbors child? WOuldnt be very fun to think about. So just stop, please.

Many years ago I had ade a decision to get rid of somethings. These were parts of the past that I thought at that time was not needed. Now as I look back I see that I was wrong. Yes I have the memories, but the idea of showing my kids what we had is all but gone. I can never get that back and things like pictures and heirlooms no matter what they are, can have a devastating effect on a person when they look back. Though yes, you look back at the past and cry. There is more to that for everyone including yourself. You can also look back at the good times and the fact that “Hey I survived that!” BUt ya know it also shows your kids and grand kids what you were and where you have been. THe happy you had then and the happy that you have now showing those kinds of things. Which is why some of my past items are not going to go away. They are going into a cedar chest that can be locked up and hopefully, preserved for the future generations to see.

Well Folks its monday again. I am not looking forward to being at work. I hope you all had a great Sunday and that your monday is wonderful. Try to not let the stress of a monday get you to down.


Love Candi

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