30 July Journal

Good Sunday Morning Folks. It is a fair bit cooler than it has been. I even have a couple windows open and had to put my robe on to go outside this morning. Kung Fu is on and a rather favorite show for me. Even today I find some of its things a bit off for the time period and area it is to take place.

Anyways, I am on a hormonal breast growth spurt. My boobs are about as sore as they can be today. I also need to clean the house up rather badly as its getting a bit cluttered in the areas that I spend my time. I need to move furniture in a couple of bed rooms, but I am not sure I will today. I over worked myself yesterday and am rather sore and tired still. I fell asleep on the couch for about 2 or three hours when I got home yesterday. I had missed all the stuff I was planning on watching yesterday evening. I finally woke up enough to get my shower, then shortly there after, was in bed again sleeping. I got up at 530 this morning, Started Coffee and am finally sitting a few writing before I start my chores for today. I am not sure I will get it all completed. IF i can get my kitchen and living room and bedroom done, laundry put away and the bathroom cleaned, then I will be doing pretty good.

I have come to learn, more than once that I am not capable of sustaining the work I tend to put myself into. That being the more physical stuff that requires a good amount extra muscle to be put into what ever it is do it. Such as lifting things that are in excess of 50#s. I did that rather frequently yesterday and am paying for it today. I also have been having to do more, like I have stated before, because there is two people in my shop that just cannot seem to get the job done that was laid our for them each day. I cannot get my work done and keep up with it due to the laziness of two people. Maybe it isn’t laziness, but just not knowing how to do the job they have in hand. But I will say this, its a Memphis Issue that is running rapid here. I have never seen the laziness and wanting a hand out so much as I have here. Maybe it is everywhere, but it seems that nearly everyone here feels they deserve that hand out no matter what. When a person truly needs some help, well, you cannot get it or find it.

Lastly for today, is our illustrious presidente of the united states. I am a veteran, I was pre transition when I went in, I was fighting myself when I went in. I served and laid my life on the table to defend the rights of the president, congress and most importantly the citizens of the United States, so that they and you may hate, love, be depressed, happy and sad, and laugh at anytime you wish. I also did that so you may discriminate against, people like me, and those of different skin color, ideas, religion, and whatever else they wish to hate for. My faith worships life. I do not hold any grudges to most folks unless it becomes an issue that affects what the wellbeing of others or myself is. So to all the haters of the many of us in the LGBT community who may read this; many of us fought and died being trans, gay, lesbian or someplace in the midst of that so you could hate us and we all did it gladly. PLease have respect for us. No you do not have to be a part of our lifestyle, but please know we do not force you to be this way. Enlisting in the military was a choice, being Gay, lesbian and trans is not. we didnt ask for this, it was given us by a spirit greater than you or us or even that crazy idiot presidente. We dont wish that anyone be like us. We dont wish our pain to be yours, we wish the pain would go away and when it does, we encounter another type of pain; loss. We gain ourselves and peace of mind, then lose family, friends, spouses, jobs, ETC….. SO while you are hating try to remember that the person(s) you are hating, very well could have defended that right for you to do so. With that I will leave you all with a picture of change. One of myself from today and yesterday. I am no longer ashamed of who I was and am. so I am more than willing to share myself with you all……..

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