28 July Journal

Good evening Folks, its friday and I have to work at the job tomorrow. Long story that I am going to share in a few. The world has been moving really fast here and the heat index has been murder. My office is anywhere from 85-90 degrees everyday. I stick to my paperwork come mid morning. Then I am miserable by the end of the day. But I am alive and well, I am not to much complaining. Though I got plenty of reasons to do so. It did finally decide to start raining, and its helped the temp, but not the humidity.

Anyway folks, the long story here, is that I had a person, Mr Smith, decide it was a good idea to wash out an item with a pressure washer. The item doesnt require a pressure washer and will get damaged in doing so. In this he managed to burn himself. This placed him into an injury catagory and on light duty. I never seen such a hobbling thing in my life. During all this he has been to the doctor, doing Physical therapy and was placed to where he is basically useless. Being a mechanic, light duty isnt cool. THere isnt anything he can be put on due to the restrictions. He burned his foot, the pressure washer water supposedly got into his shoe and burned him. That sad part of this to this point is that the wand on the pressure washer is nearly as long as he is tall. He would have to really try to get the water into his shoe. His shoes are also, in my opinion, of lesser quality than I would have bought or see others wearing to do the same job. We have since took the washer out of service and no one is allowed to wash with it. Next is even worse….. Found sleeping during working hours and not on lunch. when I returned from a meeting about 45 minutes later, still sleeping. When I asked him if he was here to work or sleep, he was offended. So yesterday I wrote him up for an offense that could be termination. This was with my bosses support. So today I have an HR complaint and an OSHA complaint as well. What he didnt realize was that his OSHA complaint also vindicates himself for the items he claims are violations. Not only that, I could have termed the guy for sleeping, and as it turns out, also taking meds that were not mentioned in his doctors papers, along with the fact he did not report to his supervisor that a prescription was being taken of a medication that could and will cause drowsiness. The items reported in the OSHA Complaint, well he is guilty of also. Trash not emptied ,hoses and cords on the floor, clutter, and an host of other things. It isnt my job to clean the shop for these 4 people and do my work too. I am in the office doing my thing 85% of the time and am not turning wrenches like they are. I am also not their mother…. I am not their Maid. They can go fuck themselves. So the same three people that cleaned it 2 weeks ago are going to be cleaning it again this week as well. BUt this week is gonna change a few things. AFter this I am going to be writing folks up for safety and cleaning violations period.

All these problems started after I transitioned. Well Sort of. SOme of it is that i also feel that the lot is jinxed also. That Lot has had its more than fair share of issues even before my time there. I was getting them worked out. Then since January there has been a change in a few of the guys. One is no longer working there for us, he was a temp and I found out the day after he was stealing time from us. Two others are, in my opinon, having an issue with being told what to do by a girl. THis is evidenced by the lack of want to and lack of drive that has slowly turned into almost doing nothing. But this girl started figuring out that they are going slow and I started riding them like a Jersey Cow to get things done and they keep getting slower. Sadly we have had to have techs come from other locations to help bail them out. not just once but twice, since January. I do hold to the fact of I stated about a a female being the boss and the cause of the problem due to lack of respect to females by these two people. What is really sad is the fact that I can go out and out work them four to one on the units that are out of service. I have also learned that the one guy i thought was a good technician, well, isnt as good as he thinks he is when continually fucks up his diagnosis and repairs and has to hold the unit longer than needed bucause he is not that smart. I didnt hire him and I think he buffaloed someone. When I first met him, I could tell he wasnt the best of character to be hired for the position we needed him for. BUt it wasnt my call, i wasnt the supervisor at that time. So anyway I am done playing games and guiding the people there. IF you cannot do the task at hand, then go away. IF you dont want to do the tasks at hand, then go away,. This WOMAN isnt taking it no more.

WEll FOlks, I gotta get running to what I need to do for the day. I took longer than needed to get the post written due to a couple phone call distractions. Have a great day everyone,


Love Candi

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