23 July Journal

Good Morning Folks, It is sunday. I am not in the best of places right this moment. IT seems the crossroads I am at has its troubles. Mostly for sitting here undecided to long. The clutter of stay in a crossroads has really gotten big. So As I am digging through the clutter here, having to deal with a mix of emotions and pictures of the past and who I was or thought i was, and who I am and where to go. The problem is I cannot see past the clutter. The Future obscured so much by the amount of unresolved issues in my heart, mind and soul. SOme issues that I thought i had finally dealt with. I would like to say I dealt with them and just have not fully let go of them as I should have.

The events of yesterday in my life has really put another top layer of things to deal with. This is another thing to prevent me from dealing with the things I really need to deal with. Maybe, between this and the above paragraph, these are only mole hills compared to the mountain of things I have dealt with thus far in my transition.

Anyways folks I am supposed to be doing some work things and started on them last night. However the system is down and I could not finish the things I was in the midst of. Which I am really needing to finish this weekend so I need to get onto that. Then I need to get a few other things done and I just do not have the time in the day to get it all done. WOW! I am so damn busy and am going to have to find some help or give up on a great deal of other things.

HAve a great sunday folks, its not as bad as i think it is. IT cant be. I am sure that hopefully yours isnt as bad as you think it is either.


Love Candi

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