20 July Journal

Good evening folks it almost Friday, YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!! I am so ready to have a weekend off. I am also craving some TACO BUENO. Unless someone with a cheaper mode of transportation and wants to pay my Bueno craving will just be unfed. That really sucks to not get what I need of my reminder of home flavors from my favorite fast food restaurant.

WEll its been a much easier week this far seemingly. Some reason I cannot seem to get a full nights sleep. I keep trying to get to be a bit later to get a ful nights sleep. but I think the tea I been drinkning in the evenings has kept me from a decent nights sleep. So that may be also part of my mental issue at the moment.

There isnt much else going on today in my head. I am just wanting a decent sleep tonight. Hope you all have a great night

Love Candi

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