17 July Journal

Good Monday Morning Folks. I hope it isnt like last week. MOnday of manic scale had followed me all week long. I am hoping fo a better week. I need it something fierce. 

It is 3:15 am. I woke up at just before 3 with out an alarm. I must be stressing out. I a thinking I need a change, and not really sure where or what I need to do for a job. I cant accept a lesser paycheck at the moment. I dont even want to talk about that anymore. Its killing my mood. 

There isnt a whole lot in my head this morning. I do need more rest, and didnt get it. To get more rest which I am sure i just dont need, i would have to stop cooking, stop living, and stop being on the computer all the time. The computer thing is what is going to come to an end. Being on here, and at work on the computer is just draniing me. So to get myself back on an even keel, I am probably going to take a break from the computer thing aside from work. 

Well Folks I need to get moving to get ready for work. Seems that is all I do anymore. WORK Blah…. Have a great day everyone

Love Candi

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