13 &14 July journal

It’s Thursday people, and it’s still monday in Candi land. another 330 morning, it the door by430 and working at five. I’ve done made some email replies and put away parts and partially put away the stock that no one else did. Now on to yesterday’s work i never did as well. and the ac isn’t working in the office. So it’s just as hot inside here as the shop floor. 

So it’s Friday folks, 14 hours days isn’t fun. It was after seven pm when i stopped working yesterday. No time for anything so I’m trying to spend a moment today to do something besides work. Honestly, I’m ready to pass out. Nothing else is happening as there is no time to have anything else happening. Not to mention money shortages. Then add the fact the ac in the shop office isn’t working and it’s90 degrees and humid with no air moving, makes for a long day. 

Anyways, I’m planning on trying to get out of here early today. I need some rest. I also need to get some paperwork done as well. I hope you all havea wonderful day. 


Love Candi

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