12 July Journal

Good wednesday morning Folks. I started yesterdays post and never finished it. Probably wont go back to it anytime soon. 

Work has been horrible. The guys working for me would have to speed up to stop. So I am going to be on th shop floor for a few days to get this crap back up and running. I have some things to get paid for home as well and have simply forgotten to do so. I sppoke to my boss and let him know that I will be on the floor doing work and other things will have to be let go due to that. I dont have a choice as I need to get the crap back up before operations starts up in a week and a half. I also told him I need to replace at least two people, starting with the lowest guy i have. I need folks that will work and solve problems, not make excuses. IF they cannot solve the problem and look at things in a productive way, then I dont need them. I do not have time for this. I have tried the passive way, I have tried everything to light a fire under these folks. So I have to get punished for them being so slow and will probably end up losing my jo over the fact they have no desire or drive to move any faster than a sloth. 

Short of that I am doing pretty good. I could be a great deal better but hey, I am not really complaining. I am able to pay my bills, barely. But ya know, its getting kinda old to play what bill to pay this week and not go into the hole. But i am getting it done. I am left with no money for the week every week. Aside from maybe 50 cents. I have just about quit smoking as I have not gotten the money to afford it. Yes I have been a bit on the cranky side.

well folks I need to get to work. So Have a great day!!

Love Candi

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