10 July Journal

Good MOrning Folks, Its Monday! and the sun is shining. YAY! wishing my sister a happy 45th Birthday today.

Well my living room has a great deal more space now. I am not sure yet what to do with it. BUt I am ok with it thus far. Maybe I will get something smaller to put in the place of that humongous damn couch that was in here. Something I can move on my own. However, for it be comfy to me, it will have to be at least 6 feet long and plush. LMAO, good luck to me right? 

As I have gotten more and more into talking to guys to date, I have come to the conclusion that there are no respectful guys left. No one left like Popeye to be with and protect you. Only the Brutus/Bluto types. The ones who want to add a notch to the bed post of sexual escapades and then run away. At least thats the feeling I get. However, none of those even come to fruition either. The other thing that just gets my dander up is this; the 1000 question interview Q&A. After having two of those I am appalled at the idea of being interviewed for a spot to see the president of the United States. YEsterday after it was all said and done, I spent nearly three hours on q&a from one fellow and then another hour with another. I mean ok I get it yes. BUt there will be nothing left for exploration by the time we meet. Decisions made from a predjudice of predetermined questions based on answers that could be lies. I explained that to both guys yet the bomber plane load of questions kept coming. I am not wishing to have an online/texting interview. Then you add the fellow today that I am speaking to. He said he is tired of transwomen, kids, and tramps contacting him. I found that funny as he contacted me first, I replied. Then I dropped the Trans bomb on him just now as he obviously didnt read my damn profile. Funny he hasnt ran away, LOL. Sadly hes in the Canary Islands with the birds LMAO…….. Oh well. 

I did change my profile up some on these things and am working to find what ever it is that is meant to be. Somewhere some how I am to find either another person or a finding of my self even more. Hellllll Maybe both. As I am learning who the hell i am and what it takes to make me tick, then I am working on myelf and my life. 

But I’m at work and need to catch up on a few things that the Friday meeting left me behind on. Have s great day everyone


Love Candi

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