7 July Journal

Good Frday morning everyone. Hopefully its gonna be a wonderful day for everyone and go along rather quickly. So I hope anyways.

A meeting this morning and a trip to another location as well. I am betting that the tardy person will be tardy again today as usual. Which he called in today saying he would be late. I have already made my way to that location and returned home. ITs just amazing that he still cannot after all these months get my name correct, and address me as Ma’am. I am not sure if I need to say anyhting or not. I hate to start any trouble and being the nice person I hate starting crap and raising a ruckus over some things. BUt that is one that may need to be addressed. I didnt go thrugh all this to get demoted back to male status.

There was something else on my mind earlier and now I have forgotten it. I am sure it was about dating and what to look for. I am not sure what I am looking for honestly. Romance, PAssion, a friend to rely on, Honesty, sex, acceptance, faithfulness. Not that I have really been either of those in my past. So why the hell would I be looking for it now, right? Is there a guy out there that wants that? Is there a guy out there that is that? Am I asking to much? Firstly I have to be happy with myself. I know a girl who also is out and about town. She is just getting sex and looking for an outlet for her own disillusional self. The last FB Post I saw of her, she looked horrible and as I know her, we have talked and I found that the spouse she has is a cause for her own sadness. Not so much the spouse as it is she cant truly be herself. I am not sure what I would do now if I couldnt be myself.

 But i can say the one thing I am enjoying in being on the dating scene is being a tease. As I learn myself and what I need/want. I am learning more and more about the male person. You’d think  would know all about that having been one. BUt guess what? I dont, I was not your typical male in a great deal of ways. So Having fun doing the tease thing in a respectful way, and going on dates for “free food” has been a treat as well. 

Anyway folks I do have to get going. Its time to get some work done and hkopefully get throuh this day in an expedient manner. Have a great day everyone.

Love Candi

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