5 July journal

It’s humpday folks. It feels like Monday. Sorry last night’s extremely late night of no power and fireworks going off until who knows when, I’m a bit worn out. So yes I’m tired. And close to being cranky. 

The world seems to be full of all kinds of stuff on the bs department lately. I’m not getting into that so i don’t even know why i even bring it up. I stayed home yesterday and gota bunch of house cleaning done. I do need to geta couple rooms cleaned. I’ve got enough empty boxes for shit that could start my own packing company. Not to mentioni could get all want as the days go by. Matter of fact, my back seat of my truck is full of boxes that need to be taken into the house. For what ever reason i don’t know.

In other news, I’ve been feeling like a beached whale lately. I’m not sure if it’s hormones, temp, type of or quantity of food. But I’m feeling miserable and bloated. It could also be stress and lack of rest. I don’t know why I’m stressed. Things are actually going pretty good. As a trans person I’m not having issues with people in general. I don’t get bad mouthed or have issues in public or at work. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had my issues in the past but those were expected. So I’m not all that worried about those. Though it did take it’s too on me. But I’ve gotten over those. What does bother me is something i didn’t expect. The idea of being bad mouthed on public social media for shit I’ve not ever done. Even though I’m sure it was meant to not start crap, it did. At least in my own head. No my name wasn’t used but guess what, the implementation of suggestion can goa long ways. What i really want to say is, if you gota problem with me, well by golly come to me direct about it. I’m surei can accommodate it. What ever the is, it’s surely not needed to be all over social media the way it was. If things like that get posted a certain way, or is read by the wrong folks it can have devistating effects on the lives of the wrong people. It can also be thought of as defamation of character, which could also result in court and legal issues. I really don’t need this kind of crap. I really was blind sided to see this come up and kinda placed me in a funk yesterday. That was fine as i got some stuff done as i mentioned before. But still I’m wondering about my feeling like beached whale. I thinki really do need to get active now in some kinda exercise more frequently. Which since i sit all day, is greatly needed. Just my daily walks to the mail box, i don’t think is enough. well that’s enough about beached whales, lol. 

Well beforei do what I’ve been doing, not posting what I’ve what I’ve wrote, I’m ending here. Hope you all have a great day


Love Candi

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