1 July Journal

Good MOrning Folks its saturday. Can you believe that JUne is gone and July is here? Holy wow. THis year is flying by the wayside with a great deal of change happening for everyone. It is a holiday weekend for some to be off for a 4 day weekend. Me, I have to work monday and be off on tuesday. Which really stinks. 

I guess the things I had to write about the last couple days were not that important. Trying to readjust my schedule and get more and better productive has been a chore in and of it self.  But I am making progress on it both at home and work.

The other day I ate to much, then did it again thursday. I am still paying for that. I still feel horrible compared to my normal self. another note to self. DONT EAT SO DAMN MUCH> Lol. Another note to self, Stay away from Hot/Spicy stuff. The hormonal changes of my body has me to where I cannot eat it like I used to. I used to could eat the hottest of the hot of anything Spicy and now, well I can still eat it and not be affected at the time of eating, but, I think you know where this is going. I also know that a small amount here or there will not bother me to much. But to eat the amount i did the other night has been a night and day mare for the last two days. 

So I sit here right now watching the Little Rascals, waiting on someone to show up. So we can go through some stuff and get some cleaning done. Some stuff I need help on to get through. They were supposed to be here already and all texts have gone un-answered. SO As usual I guess I am on my own once again. 

I started an HRT update post that I have yet to finish. I dont know why, just kinda lost interest with all the other stuff I have going on. I suppose that hype about updating the Transition has kinda just lost its luster also. I mean I have come so far that no one even knows I am trans anymore other than My hieght or if I am really tired. Usually my work clothes get me misgendered due to the fact they arent very flattering. I am sure that as time goes by that will change also. I am only a bit over a year on hormones so there is still more to come I know. I do believe that I am past most of the emotional rollercoaster that I had for the last three months. ACtually it wasnt a a rollercoaster it was just a deep depression. I think that is done also. As I had to come to terms with so much about my self and how family feel about me and the losses that I took rather hard for a while. Mourning of one self and all the people who have pretty much cast you out, tends to leave one depressed and on edge. The last month as I have come out of that, came to my senses and really started embracing who I am finally I have become one of the most happy peoples on the little place i live life. Hopefully this will continue through the rest of my life. Dont read to much into this. There will be downer moments I am sure, but the general consensus is HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY,(a quote taken from Ren and Stimpy) 

Well folks I am going to get started on a few things and get some food in my belly, though not to much food. Have a great day everyone. 

Love Candi

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