27 June journal

Good afternoon folks it’s Tuesday and may add well be Monday again in Candi land. I’m not going to get an extra day off that i hoped for, that being Monday.

Today is Dad’s birthday and i sent my wishes knowing there will not be a single reply. I’m used to it now. Second time of family disownment so I’m not all that worried anymore. The first time was when i was 18. But that’s another story in itself. But this time was kinda hard even though i knew it was going to happen. But now I’m fine.

So last night i changed my profile, to state I’m trans in an effort to curtail some of the emails. It did just the opposite. I’m busier answering the doubled emails than i was before. Holy cow, if a sincere person came along and wanted s meaningful relationship that would be fine. See where it goes. Now the majority are looking for a notch on the bed post and are not all that they appear to be. Which is fine.

Anyways I’m still at work and was groggy this morning. Not sure why unless I’m just not resting. I slept pretty darn good last night and that may be some of it. Well, have a great evening folks.

Loves Candi

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