26 June journal

Good morning folks it’s Monday once again. It’s become rested obvious that it is here at work. But that’s normal.

I can say that I’m worn out again today. I’m not sure if I’m sick or in need of something else or what. I’m kinda done with feeling tired. Maybe I’m just trying to hard at to many things and worrying to much. Trying to happen a job, maintain bills and stuff i think had been taking its toll on me. I do know i need some time off, but I’m not sure where I’ll get that time. I mean i have vacation stored up but it seems there is no time at work to take off with the amount of things that need to happen every day. That’s probably what i need more than anything. Time off. Basically I’m just mentally drained.

Softball wore me out yesterday as well. Physically I’m sore, and tired also from three hours of being at the ball field. Then i had to go grocery shopping on the way home. I had to have something for dinner as i didn’t lay anything out.

I was looking at the insurance information today. Health insurance that is. I see they have the gender changed to female for me on my insurance. That was a smiling moment for me. At least for today. That still doesn’t change the fact that men run away from a trans person as if they getting chased by a kodiak bear wielding a pair of Samurai swords. It’s rather comical actually. I’m the most beautiful person on the planet at first to 95% of guys. Then i tell them I’m transgender and suddenly I’m the worst person on the planet. Lol go figure. That basically tells me that the brain is in the britches and not between the ears. I’m actually about done trolling for boys. I do think that it’s one of the reasons for my stress and feeling tired. It’s really just undue stress that I’m imposing on myself. However, i did change up the dating site i was on. Went from Zoosk to plenty of fish. Plenty of fish had kept me rather busy the last couple days. Zoosk wasnt as good as i expected. Especially for a site you have to pay for just to chat. POF has more folks and more that seem interested than what i found on the other. Yet more seem to be flaky than Zoosk as well. Such is what you get i suppose. So I’m thinking about narrowing the playing field and put in my profile that I’m transgender. Then i won’t be bombed or bummed by the brainless wonders of this world. Besides most folks, especially men, don’t read those silly things anyways. Right?

Well I’ve got to get back to my daily tasks. Hope you have a great day everyone.

Love Candi

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