23 June Journal

Good Morning Folks ITs FRIDAY, and its raining. Hope that some lower humidity will occur later. It has been like an indoor heated pool sauna here the last couple days. It does wonders to your hair. LOL

I do not have much going on actually. just as usual work and worry. I am tired, and not 100% sure why. Maybe sitting all day or something. That class from two days ago also wore me out. 

TOday marks 13 months on HRT and over six months Living as Candice full time. It has been a fun time in the last two years of actually going through and getting to transition and living as my authentic self. Dont get me totally wrong, its not been 100% peaches and cream here. THere has been its moments of the blues, where things were seemingly not going to happen or was as bad as it gets. Let me tell ya, those moments of the blues are usually over shadowed by the happy I have. I did have some three months of severe depression. I am told that it is from hormonal changes. I think it was due to a great deal of other things that seemed to all happen at one time. I mentioned in a post that I have yet to publish, that i had a lot of issues lately with the rejection that came from my family and friends and o workers. I am rather over all that. I know I am happy and deserve to be. Even of the storms of life, I am happy. What does get me most is the lack of a thank you from my parents. I have made sure to do as I was taught, say merry christmas, happy thanksgiving, mother and fathers day and happy birth day. The Lack of a return reply of thank you at a bare minimum had really got my goat for several months. But as I happily sent my dad a fathers day wish via text message, I knew a reply was not going to be had, and this go around I was ok with it. A bit sad yes, but not broken like before. 

On the dating front, I am not in any hurry to date or meet anyone. I found out last weekend that I am just to damn busy and fast paced to have anyone keep up and understand. I am a stronger person than I realized and do need my space. I wouldnt mind a steady date but I do need my space and do not want a relationship beyond that. Dead beats and losers need not apply. Especially dope heads and drunks can stay the hell away. I dont need that issue either. I an perfectly content being me and alone. I didnt realize that until after the past weekend. 

Anyways folks I do need to get moving and get ready for work. Hope you all have a great day and maybe tomorrow I can elaborate more on the above. Have a great day everyone!!

Love Candi

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  1. Selina says:

    Your perfectly awesome to me β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ½

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