21 June Journal

Good Morning folks its wednesday. Holy Cow I am tired. I went to a different trans meeting last night. This was started by a friend and an aquaintance. The need for a more grown up group in the city was the reason this group was started. Also they are more fun to be with because of that. As we all have Jobs and posible a family, siblings and kids and everything. Where the other group is mostly kids looking for a hand out in my opinion. I do not mind accepting the occasional help, but to constantly complain about not getting their way is a problem. NOt just trans people either but every one. Everyone wants things that if they worked could get. 

Any way, I got home ad into bed about 1030 last night. So I am a worn out woman. I enjoyed my time but, being the meeting is on the weekday, I will not make that many of them. Now that I am tired and worn out I hope I can sstay awake in the class today. Which is the last day of class for me. Back to the shop I go tomorrow. YAY! sitting around being taught the same thing over and over is rather boring.

Anyway folks I have to get busy and get ready for work. I am up an hour later than normal and lucky I dont have to be there til an hour later than normal. I hope you all have a great day!!!

Love Candi

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