2 June journal

Good Friday morning folks!!! Hopefully you are all going to have an easy day. I hope mine is also. I’m still working on some issues at work to get ahead, so I’ll be somewhat busy. Which is good because that means that the day will go by somewhat quickly.

Well now it’s 415 pm. The day has gone by somewhat quickly. Now I’m at the bank again. Got to get bill pay checks made and try to get some stuff paid this evening. Supposed to meet super dud this evening at six and I’m hoping I’m not late. The line at the bank is rather long and I’m usually gotten this done a week ago. But ya know shit happens.

Sent super dud a text a few times. The only response this far is “ok” to everything. I’m thinking he’s getting cold feet now. Lmao, i think that’s funny. But really ya know what, if I’m stood up, i don’t really mind this go around. Because he doesnt seem like much of a conversationalist. Well, unless it’s sex talk.

It’s funny that testosterone based conversations are always sex or go there rather quickly. I remember those days. I had my share of them as a male. I look back and think of Lord, i was an idiot. But i also had other things in mind. Not exactly sex based but gender based. So i wasnt really the ordinary male.

I just found thati didn’t post this so here goes…. Have a great day folks!!


Love Candi

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