16 June Journal

Good Morning folks ITS FRIDAY. This month is hal over and the year over half over. WOW time is really passing by. 

I was digging through some stuff last night and found a picture, then placed it next to a current picture. Holy Wow I was shocked at the fact I didnt even recognize my old self was me. That is pretty sad, or is it? BUt the change is phenominal. I am super impressed actually. An old worn out person to a young lively person is a wonderful change. I just wish I was as lively as I looked LOL.

I got word yesterday that we are gong to actually play softball this sunday. I was shoked on that as we have not played on any holiday this year. Honestly we have not played much at all due to holidays and rain outs. I guess that is why we are playing this sunday. Thats good but I hope I dont have issues like last week when I play softball. And it is a back to back double header. I’m probably gonna die due to the humid air we are having. It’s worse than an indoor heated swimming pool area. 

I’ve just learned thati need to keep some blush in my purse. I gota bit out of sync this morning and forgot to pick my powder and blush on. I have powder just no blush. The life of a woman right!?

Anyways I’ve got to get to work. I hope today that it passes fairly quickly. My boss is to be in my shop today. What a wonderful​day this is gonna be. Anyways havea great day folks. 


Love Candi

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