9 June Journal

Good Morning Folks, IT is FRIDAY!!! Yup its time for a 2 day vacation. Nothing on my agenda but rest and relaxation. Maybe some house cleaning, but I have no intent of doing much if anything at all. Well, except a couple things. 

First I need to make brownies for the American Legion Meeting tomorrow Morning at 11:30. Then I do not intend to do anything else the rest of tomorrow. Sunday, Softball if the rain and or the fields arent wet. I do not think there is any rain in the forcast, but hey, you can never tell about mother nature. This year softball has been a hit and miss season. MOstly miss. With holidays and no games on those weekends and the rain that has stopped the other part of the games about 80% of them, we have not really played but about six games out of 20-30.

Before all that, today I have to go take care of some things that I been needing to do. I am leaving early as it have an appointment today. So Hopefully I can get that done with no issues and move on to the next project for the day. 

I been doing some thinking about much of my sadness of late. I am to the point of believing that I am stuck in the last piece of “him”. Getting through this divorce thing is pretty much the last piece of ties to “him” that remains. Getting thi done and not having to have that piece of paper that ties me back to my past would, most likely, be the reason I am depressed and sad. Not to mention the anticipation of such is usually worse than the actual thing. I once heard that the anticipation of death is worse than death it self. Honestly, this divorce is the last thread of life my old self still has. Cutting that thread is the end of him and it is a bit scary but needed. My past has had its good moments, yet, I also was a grumpy person with stuff hidden from others. No that it is out,, there is no reason to be grumpy and hide anything. I do have a thing I want to do. As My past is still mine, I have decided to either find and purchase a truck to put him into, or build one. IT has to be light enough to move empty and yet sturdy. A cedar chest is the idea. I mean I am going to place all the old papers that are needed and certain other items into this trunk. Then they will not be out and in the open. I do plan on sharing the contents of te trunk with whomever decides to share my life with me in a loving relationship. Other than that it is to stay closed and in the past where it belongs. No since in driving forward while looking into the rear view mirror.

Well Thats it for today folks. I am already running a tad behind and need to get busy to get to work. HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY FOLKS!!!

Love Candi

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Selina says:

    I LOVE the idea of having a trunk to put him away in…glad your doing/feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Yeah pictures and stuff like that will be going in there along with a few other things.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. littleannab says:

    love that idea…..

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