First night out

Six O’clock came and and the door bell rang as I was putting my earrings in my ears. That must be him I thought. Running to the door, I sounded like an elephant tramping through the house. Opening the door I see the shadow of a figure that came more into view as the door opened up. Tall sweet and sexy was standing at the door. Nicely dressed in some Slacks and a button down shirt with the top button undone. A stern chin and some of the most dreamy puppy dog eyes of brown. His Muscular build shown through the shirt and WOW i was in heaven at at the sight. 

“Hello Sir, come in.” I Said to him

AS he entered he responded back, “Hello Miss Candice, You are looking wonderful!”

“Thank you sir, I need to get my shoes on. Have a seat and I will be ready in just a minute.” I said to him as i Darted to my bedroom to get my heels.

I got my shoes on to match my Black dress coupled with a Jean jacket and decided I had best wear a sweater instead. Changing into the sweater I felt better about Being presentable with a handsome fellow that is wearing slacks and white shirt. Attempting to keep my mind focused on getting back to him, my mind wonders to his wonderfully delicious look. My Day dream interupted as I was beckoned for so we do not miss our dinner reservations. 

I returned to the Living room where he waited. He was now standing as he heard me clippity clop into the kitchen and living room. I said to myself, “OMG, Do it or not?” So I walked up to him “you look really wonderful Sir”, I kissed his cheek and took his hand. “Shall we go sir?”

“Yes Miss Candice let get going. Do you have everything you need?” He asked.

“I believe I do Sir. If i forgot something it will just have to be.”

AS we stepped out the door he held the screen door as I closed and locked the main door. Holding my hand to ensure I did not fall, we went down the steps. Getting to his vehicle I was allowed in on the PASsenger side as he opened the door for me. I Went to get into the healthy sized pickup, and was promptly helped to ease my way in. I found a feeling in his hands that were muscular and caring. The kind I would love to have explore my body. He made sure I wasnt about to have my dress hung upin the door and asked me if I was ok. Answering yes, He closed the door to the pickup and made his way to the drivers side. 

As we drove down the street to the event he had planned, the urges to touch his wonderful body just came full force. I ran my hand through his hair as he drove. I straightened out a few strays and then placed​ my hand on his lap. Rubbing his leg, i saw him smile as i just stared, mesmerized by his charming eyes and face. I began to wonder if Brown eyes means he’s full of crap and giggled. I wished there has been a bench seat in this pickup. They do not make those anymore, so my distance had to be kept. I tickled his leg with my nails and he smiled so big it was great. That smile of his is such a turn on. 

Arriving at the venue, the world seemed nonexistent. I wasn’t even aware that we arrived until he turned to me, “the valet will let you out, I’ll be around in a second. As he got out, my door opened much to my surprise. The valet helped me out and by then my sexy man was at my side awaiting.  I took his arm, and we entered the main entrance and into the ball room where the event was getting started. 

“I never been to an event like this before Sir” i had stated

Looking at me deeply, he replied,”You will be just fine, you look absolutely gorgeous and I’m betting all the guys here are jealous as hell. Just be polite, and smile, things will be fine. ”

His look seemed to melt away my fears, “yes sir I’ll do that.” And off we went to take care of meeting folks and enjoying ourselves. My Black dress was the talk of the town, so it seemed. Everyone complimented on it. It really was just an old dress I had in the closet. 

The meeting came to order for the awards to be given, and the list of folks called was long and boring. Everyone it seemed got something. Two hours later the grand finale award to be given was finally to be given out. Then followed by a dance in the next room. I was like wow!, they didnt spare much expense. Drinks, awards, and then a dance? Thats just odd to me but I was enjoying this newfound lifestyle it seemed. Though i was ready for my own good for you cooking.

As I stared into the face of my Date who was so dreamy, the noise of the back ground was interupted, “Our final award goes to…………” I missed the words and who. I learned who when Sir Stood up and Proceeded up to the stage. His lovely backside was sexy as he walked up to the stage. His hair line on his neck was perfect to me, even if it was off any i didnt notice.

He was on the stage giving his acceptance speach for the most improved and greatest sales for the company. HIs words were describing how it was all a hard road to get there, and that much of the last few months from the support and encouragement of the new lady in his life. “Candice has helped me in so many ways that the majority of credit goes to her for this. YEah I did the work, but she heled me find the way to make it all happen, To her, I hope she stays around for a good long while, yet we still havent discussed that.” 

Blushing I was in the chair about to faint, OMG did he just say that? He cam back and sat down. I touched his arm and worked my hand to his and held it like no other I ever held before. I leaned in close and let him know I was comfortable with him. We had been on and off again for months. Mostly I helped him in his work. I never realized that he was so interested. I was so focused on the help I have been giving I wasnt seeing the signs of his affection. Or was I and just didnt want to see it as I didnt feel i was ready? 

The Award Ceremony was dismissed to the next room and the dance. The room was totally decked out for the dance. Similar to the high school dance of days gone by. The punch bowl was full of some really good tasting punch, that was obviously spiked. I a sure it was on Purpose. It is an adult event. I asked for some water, and was about to take a sip when I was dragged out to the floor to to dance. Sir Had a way tonight that was just, well, I will save that for later. 

The dance ended and so did my mind. I just turned off by the time we left. Enjoying the beautiful company was ll that I had in my mind. The sleepy time blues were hitting pretty hard as my bed time was well past. I guess he sensed this as we drove home. He helped me out of his pick-up and walked me up to the door. I unlocked my door and Turned to him. Expecting him to steal a kiss, he only gave me a peck on the cheeksaid good night lovingly while he held my hand. I said good night and he turned to walk away. 

“another night?” I asked 

He Replied with a super smile, “Most Definately.” 

I was hoping it wasnt just words like I have heard before. I waited for him to leave and heading down the street, I went inside and got myself to bed. Ending what I thought was a wonderful evening. THinking maybe it was a dream, I drifted off to sleep land. Or did I just wake up. THinking that a fellow wants anything to do with a trans person like my self is a dream in my mind. But, some reason he is undetered by the fact I am a pre-op trans woman. Which is a wonderful thing and I cannot wait to see what he has planned next.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Selina says:

    you so DESERVE a man who will treat you as the lady that you are!!!! Fingers crossed that it continues to go well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      This was nothing more than a story i made up lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Selina says:

        Doesn’t change my reply love 😘

        Liked by 1 person

  2. DaddyGarrick says:

    Very well written. I look forward to reading more


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