7 June Journal

Good WEdnesday Morning Folks. I can say I am a tired cookie today. I ended up on the phone with three different folks yesterday evening. My daughter and a couple other people called. My phone had text messages all day, and it helped the day pass but it sure went by awfully slow in comparison to most. Mydaughter and I have become pretty close since her visit to us back in late december. We have spoke and talked about more stuff than we ever had before. Used to be that she called only if she needed something, now, she calls to talk about who knows what and gets rather long winded. Its rather wonderful if you ask me. 

As far as boy trolling goes, I think I am done for a while. I have to much going on and it has become a bit depressing. When the words “I am a transgender woman” comes out, they all turn tail and run. MOst never to be heard from again. Probably for the best anyway. I get a short conversation going, and usually find they arent worth the trouble. There have been a select few that are worth the trouble in discussion, as short as they are before I tell them. I have enought going on at work and need to leave some things out of my life at the moment as much as I think I need it. Maybe I do need it but if its meant to happen it will do so when it is time. The other thing is that if I dont talk to someone one day they must feel its over. Then No matter what I do i never hear from them again. I guess I am not allowed to have a life and do my stuff, only them. BUt ya know I dont worry about it. Some guys are so pushy, that even a five minute lag in a text or on-line response results in a ton of “hello, you there?” that is seemingly pushy to me. If a person is that insecure, and know I am at work, then maybe I do not need you around in my life. 

Thats about it right now folks. I do need to get busy with getting ready for work. Hope you all have a Great day.

Love Candi

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