3 June Journal

Good Saturday Morning Folks, ITs a sunny and wonderful sun rise this morning. I hope you are all well. I am wathcing “The Little Rascals” on tv. I been paying a bill or two this morning and things arent as bad as I tend to make them in my head. BUt all is well.

I went on the date with the fellow that is now considered SuperDUD. IT was a nice dinner. We met about 615 and had dinner at a local resturaunt that I had never been. THe food wasnt bad, THe covnersation was “ok” and that was about it. He made sure the door was opened. I was always the first to walk and stayed behind even as I attempted to do the same thing. I guess thats something I need to get used to. I went to sit down and he requested to sit where i was and that we exchange places. Luck he said that before I got sat down. HE wanted to see the door. I was like ok then, you are a bit paranoid. Then I thought oh well, that is what i used to do and I guess I best learn to deal with that as well. The waiter was really not much of a waiter. Neither of us Impressed at all and it wasnt just us, we noticed his demeanor with other patrons as well. WE Ate and chatted a bit then we finished up and left the restaraunt to the parking lot. By now it was 730-745 and we ended up in the parking lot talking until almost 11 PM. Not being a pushy person or rude, that is where we ended up. That is where I Learned that he just is not a person that goes to do anything. I invited him to a couple different things over the weeks nothing special or fancy but fun, suggested some other ideas and well, I had been turned down. He has an excuse for everything and why to not go there. He does not like museums, HIstory, Bars, Camping, italian food, fishing, hiking, or anything. I swear I never found a single thing he likes in a week of chatting other than SEX and BBQ. We did share some intersting conversation, and very similar views on things but that is where the whole thing ends. Because I am not going to just sit around the house and do nothing but have sex. I have no issue with sex or having regular sexual sessions. But I do need to do something else to have a break in the same old same old. I thought my old male self was boring, but holy wow, I was never that bad. I did go camping, shopping, and what ever else suited my fancy. TO inlcude Museums and stuff of history. My biggest issue was always money, still is. Before you chastize me, remember this, who has a date for dinner and ends up in the parting lot of the restaurant for 4 hours? End of this part of the subject. LMAO 

So I wasnt home 5 minutes and respodning to texts on if I was ok. Another fellow I been speaking to had also messaged me and I already asked him to go to an event with me today. I am hoping that he will be interested and go. ALso be interested in other things to do other than sit and lay around the house hoping for sex. Which would be wonderful to me, especially after last night. Though i still got my Eye and almost heart set on the Army Ranger. I am really loving the way we talk. WE talk like normal people and yes there is some sex talk too but its not the only focus. So He is really at the top of my list.

Have a great day every one. I Need to get my ass in gear and get a few things done. Hopefully before the rain comes in BUt you know what? I am not counting on the weathermans forecast to be that accurate.

Love Candi

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