Trans Dating 105

Ok folks so I am attempting to find a way to tell men I am trans. Yes most are not interested in a trans woman. There have been a few that are and those are wonderfully speaking to me. MOst of those are speaking to me with an open mind and treating me as a woman and respectfully. I love that. However, there is one that is just a as I stated the horn dog. If he dont cool his jets and slow down on the sex talk, hes going to lose out. BUt anyways, back to the story here. LOL

So, This one guy asks me if I was a fraid of a real man. I responded; why do you ask that? I am not afraid of a real man. BUt I do think he is! LMAO….. I am thinking that once he is told that I am transgender, he will be afraid, VERY AFRAID, of this amazon woman. LOL So I am waiting a response from him and see what happens to the above reply I sent.

There is another man that is very wonderful in coversation and i hate that I feel that I have wasted his time. I have not yet told him of my being transgender, and with all he has been through, hate to burst his bubble. He is so very sweet. 

So “Horn Dog” as I will call him now just texted asking if we were still on for tomorrow. I said yes, and i had just walked into the door. I was about to ask him where. He answered with where, and ITs going to be 630. So that will work. If hes a sex only dud, then I will have time to hit the bar, provided money allows. In someways I hope hes a dud, in others I hope not. JUst have to see what happens. I had just told him my saturday plans and he showed absolutely no interest. WTF I mean Come on dude I am throwing a bone out here and you are just like a knot on a log. Geeze….. dud isnt the right word in my book now, SUPER DUD> LMAO

OK Folks I am off to bed. I think I wrote enough of nothing today to choke a mule. Have a great Evening

LOve Candi

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