Summer loving

My brain is on now folks lol.

It seems that the idea of me having summer loving is a dream. Forgive l firefighter guy is nothing more than a horn dog. I can’t even get a decent conversation out of him. He’s really nothing more thana sex toy this far. Sadly I’ve not even meet him yet. My attempts to center converse with him end up in one word answers on everything except one subject, sex. I think I’ll meet him tomorrow, and if the personality is anything like that of texts, he’s going to be sadly disappointed. Because, as much as sex is a part of any relationship, there needs to be a bit more meat to it than that. If that’s all the relationship is going to be, sorry dude I’m done. I have things i wanna talk about other than sex. I’m surely not wishing to be an object either. Especially at the beginning. 

So I’ll be heading to the next victim of the Amazon bitches sub boy search. Because I’m really looking that idea. Though I’ve not come to a conclusion on that idea yet either. But who knows what will happen. 

Well folks it’s time to leave work now. I’ve got to meet up with a vendor fora late lunch/early dinner. So I’m not gonna be eating left over’s tonight. Yay! Have a great evening folks. 


Love Candi

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