The Date potentials

Well folks there some dating potentials. 

1. I hope for more than anything, Army Ranger in Kentucky. Only 130 miles away. Our conversations are great and there seems to be a genuine connection so far. Not just idle chitter chatter. We have some stuff in common that extends to way back into our past. and lastly he isnt that bad looking either. He doenst seem to mind that I am trans and is becoming rather wonderful in my mind.

2. Comanche guy from Oklahoma. He and I have had some rather great conversations. Hes cute and is to date, open minded. 

3. Dave from Ohio, he seems to have climbed from the bottom to close to the top for alot of reasons despite his distance. He is at this time really wanting to know me. So far is open minded and has two grown daughters that are both in the LGBT Community. His open and honest approach without pushing sex has been a real turn on.

4. U.S. Marine Alan from Mississippi. I am rather shocked that he managed to make my list as hes a marine, AKA Jar Head. LOL BUt he wasnt frightend off by my being Trans and is seemingly interested in a heart felt way. 

5. Memphis Mike, An ex firefighter. Really hes closer to the bottom and I am about to burst his bubble. All he wants is a booty call and is not worth the trouble, or is he? COnstantly asking for pictures and is just a horny man. He cannot seem to get past the thoughts in his lower brain to understand my blunt words, I wanna date first at least one date before I jump in bed with him. Besides who goes to the drive in theatre at the begining of a relationship to watch the movie. Hes never been to one and had no idea what steamy windows meant. His pushiness on sex is a real turn off and I am thinking I need to burst his bubble. NO DATE NO NOOKY! No I am not a prude but come on fellow, I need a bit more than just the booty call. All he is talking about is sex and has yet to actually meet the Amazonian Bitch From hell. So he may not even want to as I am rather intimidating in height. 

Well folks that is where I am thus far. out of literally 1000’s of guys looking at me and 100’s chatting this is the so far runner ups. I am off to bed 

Love Candi

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